Austrian-Property Ltd
Our Company  is based in York UK and we also have an office in Austria

We can offer a personal and bespoke service to people looking to sell their property in Austria

We have an extensive database of  clients seeking property and are one of the leading International property
Search web sites with access to clients across the EEC

Each day we receive new enquires and our web site appears on page one of Google for a wide range of search

To expand our reach we have two web sites

We feature on page one of Google - plus we operate wider paid Internet advertising campagins to ensure our
clients get maximum exposure for their property

We also have contact with a wide range of local Estate Agents based in Austria with whom we promote our
clients property

We organise viewing programmes for our clients  and provide a dedicated local English speaking Estate
Agent  to handle each case

When a client decides to visit Austria  we will arrange  for them to be escorted to each of  their chosen viewings,

All Estate Agent fees are controlled by Austrian Law so you will pay the same using our assistance as if you
went direct to a local Estate Agent yourself.

Our fee would only be charged if WE found the client and they bought. The standard Austrian Estate Agents
selling fee is 3% plus local  VAT

We are also  the sole UK agents for "Immocon", who are one of Austria's leading Estate Agents with offices
across the country.

Being an International business we can act as the perfect partner in helping you to sell in Austria and navigate
through all the local regulations and issues that arise when looking to sell in a different country

If you would like us to feature your property and provide prospective buyers to you we will need the following

1. Pictures of the property - as many as possible inside and exterior and views
2. Floor plans or full description of rooms and sizes
3. Price in Euros and your flexibility on price
4. Your full names and  address